Turn any interior space into
a full of western city atmosphere scenery with no violence content

Western City

4 Players Entertainment

Hero space One Western City Game producing award-winning live and virtual experiences globally, which have reach and impact far beyond the events themselves.

is Ready for any entertainment centers. Western City is the revolutionary way to increase revenue and attract your customers.

Provide a fun environment on the big Wide screen or white wall.

Three Areas


The Square
Western City - The Train Station
The Salon
Immersive Entertainment


Western City

It’s easily integrated into almost any environment, on its own or as an extension of an existing entertainment system.

  • 1 Painless installation

    The program is really simple to setup and adjust.

    No time-consuming procedures are required; instead, you'll be up and running in minutes.

  • 2 Endless Entertainmnet

    Western City is developed exclusively for amusement venues like family entertainment centers, bowling arenas, gaming pubs, and golf simulators room.

  • 3 4 players

    Western City is a simulator for 4 players.

    Up to 50 Players per Hour

  • 4 Non-Violent Video Games

    Primarily we're talking violence-free games here

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