Western City

“It’s time to be a Hero!”


Residents of the European Union took 1.2 billion trips
The hotel and lodging markets are seeing a significant shift in what customers consider the value in their accommodation expenditures.
Travelers are in search of much more than just a hotel – they want an experience.
Hotels with entertainment solutions are more likely to see growth in the number of guests, and guaranteeing the best hotel entertainment in the market makes a lasting impact on how.
Hero space One Western City Game is the ultimate laser enternainment system that offers an exciting customer experience and always draws a crowd.


By 2025 Britain’s travel industry is set to be worth over £257 billion.
Hero space One Western City Game will help you attract customers and blast the competition out of the water.
It’s simple.
Get themed attractions that WOW your customers and generate more revenue.
If you increase the amount of time your customers are being entertained in your center, then your catchment area will increase.

Turn any interior into
a Western City with Breath-taking Atmosphere and nonviolent content
Western City is the revolutionary way to increase revenue
and attract your customers.
Immersive Entertainment


Western City

It’s easily integrated into almost any environment, on its own or as an extension of an existing entertainment system.

  • 1 Painless installation

    The program is really simple to setup and adjust.

    No time-consuming procedures are required; instead, you'll be up and running in minutes.

  • 2 Endless Entertainmnet

    Western City is developed exclusively for amusement venues like family entertainment centers, bowling arenas, gaming pubs, and golf simulators room.

  • 3 4 players

    Western City is a simulator for 4 players.

    Up to 50 Players per Hour

  • 4 Non-Violent Video Games

    Primarily we're talking violence-free games here